Hearts+Sparks Productions offers a menu of services and can put together a project based on your budget. Elements that affect the cost of a video include:

  • number of shoots days
  • size of crew
  • location fees if needed
  • script development
  • graphics
  • original music composition
  • licensed music
  • lighting equipment
  • special equipment 
  • amount of footage to edit down to length of your video
  • if footage consists of interviews (longer to edit) vs only visuals
  • number of drafts
  • travel expenses
  • and more

A video could cost from $2,000 for something straightforward to $20,000 or more with a multi-person crew over multiple days and all the bells and whistles.

Think about what you want to show the world and let's talk about your project!

Dawn on the set of the Overwintered music video for Stephan Nance with director of photography, Sean Conley.