Last fall when José Ayerve of A Severe Joy was in Portland, Oregon shooting the music video for Bitch Media, we also shot this project. He came over and I had a green screen and some lights set up and we went through the song a few times, not necessarily knowing what the final product would be. We shot and talked and kept on talking after he left. I went through a process of creating various drafts, running through the key filters (to remove the green screen so only his body remained) and then adjusting the Red Giant ToonIt filter to get the look and colors I wanted. 

I ended up taking all of the various actions that he performed and turning it into what I call José vs the Invisible Forces of Love. His natural theatricality shines through. There's something about watching somebody move who loves to move, who just goes for it, physically. My favorites part of both the song and the video though occurs in the second half. I've listened to the song many, many times and I'm happily partnered up, but everytime I hear that chorus, I can't help but sing along (scream along?), "I'm anxious to see you, but don't break my heart again!" Catchy tune by a talented songwriter. 

Check out his stuff here: