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Jun 24, 2017

Casting call for We Have Our Ways


WE HAVE OUR WAYS is now casting for two roles. WE HAVE OUR WAYS is directed by award-winning director Dawn Jones Redstone of Sista in the Brotherhood written by Kjerstin Johnson, former editor in chief of Bitch Magazine, and produced by Christian Henry, a television writer and producer for a network affiliate of NBC. This film is funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

SYNOPSIS: In a dystopic near future, two women of color struggle to navigate healthcare, state violence, and reproductive justice.

Early 20’s, African American female
Young student who lives with her older, wiser cousin Regina. Abigail finds herself in a bind, and must rely on her cousin to get the help she needs. Abigail feels helpless in the face of something huge and dangerous, but perseveres without knowing what the future holds. 

20’s, female, Latina
Young healthcare worker at an underground clinic. Her job is stressful enough as it is, but when her coworker gets arrested and clients still need her, she must make a decision about what she’s willing to do for others. Actor appears in single critical scene, must be able to cry.

Production title: We Have Our Ways
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film 
Posted on: June 24th
Director: Dawn Jones Redstone
Producer: Christian Henry
Writer: Kjerstin Johnson
Audition Location: NW Film Center
Shooting Location: Portland
Submit headshots, resume & reel (if available) to:
Compensation: Yes

July 8th 9:30am - 2pm
(Time slots will be given out)

Aug. 19th & Aug. 26th 
Abigail will be needed for both shoot dates.
Mari will be needed for one shoot date, at night.

Jun 19, 2017

What I'm working on--all the things

What I'm working on--all the things

It's been a busy few months though you can hardly tell from my blog. I've been behind on updating here. 

I've been working on videos with the Portland Water Consortium, Portland'5, APANO and then also working on narrative projects. I shot the short film Working Lunch

Shooting with my GH5 on the RoninM gimbal for a short film directed by Shilpa Sunthankar. I'm in there somewhere. 


On set of Working Lunch with producer Tara Johnson Medinger and Shilpa Sunthankar.


During my job shadow with director Debra Granik while she was in town filming her next feature film. Her previous narrative film, nominated for multiple Oscars, was entitled Winter's Bone and starred Jennifer Lawrence. I got to follow her around on set, learning her ways and yes, it was amazing!


I've signed on to direct the new web series by creator Luann Algoso about a nonprofit workers in the whitest city in America. The series is called "Nonprofit."  Above, Amy Nieto-Cruz, producer, me and Luann Algoso. Luann will also star in the project. 


Q and A with Briar Levit, director of Graphic Means, a documentary short that I shot. Briar and I travelled all over to make her film about the world of design before computers. It was a sold out audience at the Hollywood Theater and currently, the film is screening around the world!


Above photo by Kjerstin Johnson. Kjerstin and I received a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to make a film. We had a table read recently and are in the process of building our team. I'll direct. Kjerstin wrote the script. Christian Henry will produce and Sidony O'neal will star!  Stay tuned! 


Apr 20, 2017

New Cuts and Checks video!

New Cuts and Checks video!

Cuts and Checks // Barbershops and Community Healthcare

Rachel Bracker and I made a video about North by Northeast Community Health Center's Cuts and Checks program run by Sharetta Butcher. Check it out. 


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Mar 31, 2017

New Music Video for "Crows" by The Cabin Project!

New Music Video for "Crows" by The Cabin Project!

Shot in summer of 2016 and just now coming out ahead via Vortex Magazine premiere. I directed, shot and edited this project. The band had this concept and we refined it together.

Alexandra Geffel produced, Abra McNail assisted and the amazing Jasmin Trotter is the dancer. 

Here's the video :