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Dec 11, 2019

Death with Dignity Video

This Fall, I completed an 8 minute doc for the Death with Dignity National Center about the history of the movement as well as the organization. You can watch the video here:


Dec 18, 2018

2018 is wrapping up!

I have one more video left to shoot before the end of the year and 2018 was a good year. I've spent more of the last month or two focused on my next short film, but I also completed videos for CASA of Oregon, AffectConf, APANO's placemaking murals, Lifehacker cooking videos and more. Tomorrow I shoot a new video for the Regional Water Consortium to close out the year. More good things coming in 2019 including a broadcast commercial for Oregon Tradeswomen on the docket!

Sep 26, 2018

New video for Oregon Housing and Bank of America

New video I made on a quick turnaround for Housing Oregon and Bank of America to present an award to PCRI at their event. 

Check it out here:

Jun 5, 2018

What I've Been Up to and VACATION!

I just wrapped up several projects with Kaiser Permanente, the Women's Foundation of Oregon and North by Northeast Community Health Center and am heading out of town for a special screening of Sista in the Brotherhood in NYC. 

I'll be coming back to a few mid-process projects with the Red Door Project, the Electrical Training Center and the Water Bureau and then starting a couple of new things as well. 

Grateful to be busy, doing the work I love with a couple of new personal creative projects on the horizon as well. More soon!

Leaving you with pics from recent shoots: 

Women's Foundation of Oregon video

Documenting with the Red Door Project.

On set with the Water Consortium for the City of Portland's Water Bureau. 

Shooting cooking videos with Lifehacker visiting from NY. 

You can always learn more about personal narrative projects over at

Thanks for reading. 

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Feb 27, 2018

We Have Our Ways screens again as part of encore screenings at PIFF

My latest short We Have Our Ways just screened last Sunday at Portland International Film Festival. Now it's been included in a selection of encore screenings by women-directed shorts and will screen again this Sunday. Learn more here: