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Apr 13, 2016

The Women's Foundation of Oregon Listening Tour!

The Women's Foundation of Oregon Listening Tour!

Throughout this month, I'll be travelling with the Women's Foundation of Oregon around the state to hear and document the concerns of women and girls in side the story booth/WFO RV! Their goal is to create a report on the state of women and girls. I was really surprised to find out that no such thing exists already and it makes me that much more excited about being part of the tour. Later in the year, I'll help create a series of ten videos that highlight critical concerns and issues. 

Last week we were in Newport and Bend. This week we're in Central and Southern Oregon. Later in the month it's Umatilla and Eastern Oregon. It's really an honor to sit with women in the booth and just listen as they share their stories. Looking forward to more and to the full report which will come out later this year. 

While I'm out in the RV, WFO staff, led by Emily Evans, creates opportunities for women to record and give feedback in small groups. Here are some photos I took from the same event in Newport. 

Here's an article about the tour:

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May 17, 2015

Filming Sista in the Brotherhood!

Filming Sista in the Brotherhood!

The past few days have been a whirlwind since filming of the short film Sista in the Brotherhood began. Learn more about the film directed by Dawn Jones Redstone here.  It's been a lot of very hard work with an outstanding cast and crew to make this movie. More pics below!

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May 2, 2015

Graphic Means Shoot in San Francisco

Graphic Means Shoot in San Francisco

This weekend, Director Briar Levit and I are down in the bay area interviewing design leaders about graphic design in the computer era. We attended the TYPO conference yesterday and today head north to interview two more folks. 

The feature documentary, Graphic Means, has been underway since late Fall 2014 and explores the craft of design and the tools of the trade. As those tools evolved from physical instruments to computer software, what changed? What was lost? What was gained? 

It's been fascinating to hear the thoughts of Briar's interviewees on the matter as I think the conversation while ostensibly about design, really hits at human relationships with the computer in general. Though as a non-designer, hearing all the design-speak has been intriguing as well. 

Yesterday, we got to interview Tobias Frere-Jones, a famous type-designer who among other things, brought the font Gotham to life. The Hearts+Sparks logo, designed by Briar actually uses this font though it's (much more) famous use is the Obama campaign! Here's a photo of Briar (and me in the mirror) interviewing Mr. Frere-Jones--something that perhaps she never dreamed she'd get to do. We were very fortunate to spot him and have him agree to sit down to talk. 

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