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Jun 5, 2018

NxNE Community Health Center Music Video

NxNE Community Health Center Music Video

I love making these hybrid, non-profit, promotional music videos! Call me if you want to make more. 

I'm a former board member of the clinic and a huge fan so I was thrilled when they asked me to work with them on this. We made a longer version for their community supper event and this one was released online. The idea was to SHOW the spirit and work of the clinic to the tune of Lean on Me. What a blast to make!

I shot and directed and Nora Colie and Reina Solunaya helped out with lighting and managing our cast. Thanks to them!

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Jul 22, 2016

What I'm working on

What I'm working on

The above is a photo taken yesterday while filming with Living Cully, one of about seven projects I am working on. They are all at different stages of production with varying deadlines so I'm keeping up. Most of all, I love feeling connected to my community and seeing what people are doing out in the world. Below is a photo from the Girls Build shoot today and then one from a music video shoot for The Cabin Project. 

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Dec 8, 2015

PUSH Safety Rap Music Video

PUSH Safety Rap Music Video

Over the past few months, we've been working on a series of videos for OHSU's young worker safety training called PUSH. The last piece is a rap music video about employer/employee safety in the workplace written by The Real Gums. 

We'll be shooting over at Buck Studio later this week, but above is a photo of our amazing dancers during a rehearsal! Can't wait for Friday. 

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Mar 25, 2014

Inside Out and Hand Grenades--Music Video Release!

Inside Out and Hand Grenades--Music Video Release!


Last fall when José Ayerve of A Severe Joy was in Portland, Oregon shooting the music video for Bitch Media, we also shot this project. He came over and I had a green screen and some lights set up and we went through the song a few times, not necessarily knowing what the final product would be. We shot and talked and kept on talking after he left. I went through a process of creating various drafts, running through the key filters (to remove the green screen so only his body remained) and then adjusting the Red Giant ToonIt filter to get the look and colors I wanted. 

I ended up taking all of the various actions that he performed and turning it into what I call José vs the Invisible Forces of Love. His natural theatricality shines through. There's something about watching somebody move who loves to move, who just goes for it, physically. My favorites part of both the song and the video though occurs in the second half. I've listened to the song many, many times and I'm happily partnered up, but everytime I hear that chorus, I can't help but sing along (scream along?), "I'm anxious to see you, but don't break my heart again!" Catchy tune by a talented songwriter. 

And check out his site here:

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Dec 3, 2013

The Bitch Media Music Video is here!

In spring of this year, I approached staff at Bitch Media and pitched the idea of a music video that celebrated both the mission and the people behind the organization, a hybrid non-profit messaging/music video that would entertain and delight as much as it would make people want to donate.

We put together a plan, accepted the generous offer of A Severe Joy to create and donate the use of a catchy song and months later, we were ready to shoot. Staff worked with Heidi Dyer to master their dance numbers. Props were donated and built. The script was fine-tuned and José Ayerve of A Severe Joy flew into participate. We shot over a weekend and had a blast. I joked that I had been secretly hired by the ED, Julie Falk, to run the staff through a team-building exercise and this was it. Soooo much fun to work together to create it.

The video makes light of the plight of non-profits that must fundraise constantly in order to garner the financial support they need to do this work. Bitch's average donation is $8 so it takes a lot of support-garnering to finance their mission in creating empowered and feminist response to pop culture. Plus, their audience loves pop culture so why not create a piece of it themselves. 

It's a bit of an experiment to attempt to raise money this way. There is a certain formula that is traditionally used and this isn't it, but so far so good. It looks like people genuinely want to celebrate the organization by supporting it financially. Stay tuned! 

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Sep 7, 2013

Foreign Talks--The Spell from Dawn Jones on Vimeo.

Music video for Foreign Talks,

Been waiting for a while on this one as we wrapped up shooting in May. Great band, awesome song and a beautiful video shot in Portland and around Mt. Hood. MTV called them "the band you wished you formed in high school." Their talent abounds. Looking forward to seeing more for the group. 

See the lower quality, but official version on YouTube here:

Check out the band's Facebook page here:

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Jun 7, 2013

Release of "The Lining" Music Video for The Cabin Project!

Hearts+Sparks is proud to release the Official Music Video for "The Lining" by The Cabin Project! 

Katie Sawicki: vocals, guitar, piano, synth
Adam Sweeney: vocals, synth, bass
Zanny Geffel: drums, vocals

Directed, shot, lit and edited by Dawn Jones of Hearts+Sparks Productions.
Produced by Katie Sawicki.

Learn more about The Cabin Project and their music at

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May 16, 2013

Hearts+Sparks Sara Jackson-Holman Video Premieres on USA Today!

Check out the new Sara Jackson-Holman video as it premieres on USA Today. Click on the title to see it there or watch it in full quality on the H+S website here.

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May 15, 2013

The Cabin Project Music Video TEASER!  (Video Below)

The Cabin Project Music Video TEASER! (Video Below)

Hearts+Sparks spent the good part of late April working on the music video for and with Portland band, The Cabin Project and their song, "The Lining." Shot entirely on Sauvie Island, the video takes us across multiple landscapes to tell the story of loss and perhaps salvation.

After hours of listening and editing, it is the chorus that I still can't get out of my head. I look forward to hearing the rest of the record when it is released late summer. In the meantime, enjoy the teaser for the video which will be released in June. 

It's in your best interest to read more about the band and look forward to their forthcoming record:

With anthemic choruses, three-part harmonies, edge and atmosphere, The Cabin Project is bringing emotion and heart back to the music industry. The songs are in turn intimate and epic, influenced by the likes of The National, Bon Iver, Feist, and Mates of State.

Born in an attic studio lined with doug fir, the band is the brainchild of Katie Sawicki, a former-folksinger from Brooklyn who became obsessed with electric guitars, synthesizers, effect pedals, drum machines, loops, and samples.  After moving to Portland in 2008, Sawicki teamed up with bassist Adam Sweeney, who adds fuzz and rotary effects to the mix, and Zanny Geffel, an orchestral drummer, rooted in jazz and percussion, with a preponderance for onstage mayhem.

The band will release their next studio album, Heliotrope, this September.  The record explores the intersection between anthemic rock, pop, and symphonic orchestration.



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