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Apr 12, 2016

Accepting the Lilla Jewel Artist Award

Accepting the Lilla Jewel Artist Award

A week and a half ago, I presented a clip of Sista in the Brotherhood as the recipient of the Lilla Jewel Artist Award at the MRG Foundation's Justice Within Reach event. It was a glorious night where hundreds of people invested in making our community better come together for a night of art, dinner, dancing and fundraising. I put together a speech telling my story of going from carpenter to carpentry trainer at a non-profit to now, filmmaker. I was nervous initially to get on the stage in front of so many, but it was amazing to be in the company of such a generous audience. The best part was hearing how they connected with the film. It was a beautiful night and I'm still very humbled to be connected to the foundation and their important work. 

Above: Me, on stage at the Portland Art Museum at Justice Within Reach.

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