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Mar 16, 2015

Casting Call for Supporting Actors--Sista in the Brotherhood

Casting Call for Supporting Actors--Sista in the Brotherhood

Production title: Sista in the Brotherhood

Production Type: Independent, Non-Union

Project length: 15 minutes

Production/shooting location: Portland, Oregon

Production Company: Hearts + Sparks Productions

Company website:

Director: Dawn Jones Redstone

Producer: Roberta Hunte

Director of Photography:  Kia Anne Geraths

We are a lady-run, indie production seeking to cast the following male roles for our short film entitled Sista in the Brotherhood. You must appear strong enough to look like you do/have done physical labor for a living. This doesn't mean you have to be ripped or thin, just look strong.  We'd like to see a mix of body types.

JACK: Early forties, white, fit, strong, muscular, tall, less well-mannered. Lives in a rural area, works in the city, but has been working construction for a long time. He took to chewing sunflower seeds when he quit smoking. He's an accomplished carpenter who has worked his way up as a lead.  He's grown up in the trades and worked only with men and he feels somewhat threatened by those he's less familiar with. In particular, he is hostile to new people and suspicious of people who are not of his racial group. He is dismissive of women. He also feels protective of his nephew who is working on site. He's friend with the Foremen, Red, fellow member of the good ol' boys club and has a wife that makes his lunch everyday. 

CHAD: Must know how to use circular saw in a basic/proficient way. Early twenties, white, muscular, fit, athletic. Newbie to construction. Likes to have a good time. Lacks exposure to people that are not like him, but more openminded than his uncle. He just does not have a lot of experience with people who are racially/culturally different to himself. His machismo masks his insecurity about his newly chosen trade. Didn't do so well in school so his Uncle (Jack) is helping him go to work in construction. Lives in rural area and works in the city. He is a wiseass - in some ways endearing and in some ways obnoxious. He's only known women as pretty ladies, not as co-workers or equals on a job. He thinks of himself as stronger, smarter, and more capable than a woman. He is cocky, but has the ability to be likable when his cockiness proves ineffective.

RED: Fifties, white, gray haired, bearded?, less fit as he's doing more work in the office these days.  He's known for being direct and authoritative which comes from his knowledge and dedication to his work--part of the reason he's moved up as a foremen. If you're a good worker, you're in with Red.  He suffers no fools, but is friends with Jack, fellow good ol' boy. Right now, he's stressed about this project as the crew has fallen behind. He's had to lay off a few workers already that weren't up to par. 

FRANK: Forties or fifties, white, experienced, friendly.  He sees himself as a protector of women so he watches his language in front of the ladies, but he doesn't see them as autonomous peers. He consistently and repetitively makes bad jokes, but sees himself as a charmer with more polish than the others. He's divorced, but flirts with the waitress at a diner near his house where he has dinner every night (she flirts back in an effort to get her tip, but Frank never notices or cares). He's sensitive when it comes to women. Having grown up in the trades, he's as knowledgeable and confident as the foremen, but never wanted to be in charge. 

The film is funded by a Kickstarter campaign and a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. 

Compensation: $150 per day. Filming estimated 2-4 days depending on character

Synopsis:  Sista in the Brotherhood is a short film about a young black tradeswomen apprentice who is forced to confront sexism and racism to prove herself on her new jobsite.


Date:  Sunday, March 29th, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 


Contact Roberta at email above to schedule your time slot and receive location. Please be prepared to stay the whole time if necessary. Please send headshots and resumé in advance if you have them. Cold read material will be provided.


Call backs:  6 p.m. March 31st

Shoot dates for film: May 12-16, 2015 (four of these five days)



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