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Dec 3, 2013

The Bitch Media Music Video is here!

In spring of this year, I approached staff at Bitch Media and pitched the idea of a music video that celebrated both the mission and the people behind the organization, a hybrid non-profit messaging/music video that would entertain and delight as much as it would make people want to donate.

We put together a plan, accepted the generous offer of A Severe Joy to create and donate the use of a catchy song and months later, we were ready to shoot. Staff worked with Heidi Dyer to master their dance numbers. Props were donated and built. The script was fine-tuned and José Ayerve of A Severe Joy flew into participate. We shot over a weekend and had a blast. I joked that I had been secretly hired by the ED, Julie Falk, to run the staff through a team-building exercise and this was it. Soooo much fun to work together to create it.

The video makes light of the plight of non-profits that must fundraise constantly in order to garner the financial support they need to do this work. Bitch's average donation is $8 so it takes a lot of support-garnering to finance their mission in creating empowered and feminist response to pop culture. Plus, their audience loves pop culture so why not create a piece of it themselves. 

It's a bit of an experiment to attempt to raise money this way. There is a certain formula that is traditionally used and this isn't it, but so far so good. It looks like people genuinely want to celebrate the organization by supporting it financially. Stay tuned! 

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