Start It - Bitch Media Music Video! from Dawn Jones on Vimeo.


A fundraising music video for Bitch Media featuring the song "Start It" by A Severe Joy.  A blast to work with staff and volunteers to pull this off for a good cause. Watch and enjoy. 


In spring of this year, I approached staff at Bitch Media and pitched the idea of a music video that celebrated both the mission and the people behind the organization, a hybrid non-profit messaging/music video that would entertain and delight as much as it would make people want to donate.

We put together a plan, accepted the generous offer of A Severe Joy to create and donate the use of a catchy song, and months later, we were ready to shoot. Staff worked with Heidi Dyer to master their dance numbers. Props were donated and built. The script was fine-tuned and José Ayerve of A Severe Joy flew into participate. We shot over a weekend and had a blast. I joked that I had been secretly hired by the ED, Julie Falk, to run the staff through a team-building exercise and this was it. Soooo much fun to work together to create it.

The video makes light of the plight of non-profits that must fundraise constantly in order to garner the financial support they need to do their work. Bitch's average donation is $8 so it takes a lot of support-garnering to finance their mission to create empowered, feminist response to pop culture. Plus, their audience loves pop culture so why not create a piece of it themselves? 

See photos from the production here!